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Legal Basis

Landfill Ordinance 2008:

Regulations for landfill of the national ministry for land and forestry, the environment, and water management.

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Waste Management Law 2002 (Abfallwirtschaftsgesetz, AWG):

With this law, the domestic laws were adapted to those of the European Union, and to a clear definition of the term “waste".

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Contaminated Site Cleanup Law (Altlastensanierungsgesetz, ALSAG):

The legal basis for financing the cleanup of contaminated sites, regulating the nationwide registration of potentially contaminated areas as well as evaluation of the risk resulting from them.

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Mineral Raw Material Law 1999 (Mineralrohstoffgesetz, MinroG):

The MinroG regulates, among other things, the exploration, extraction, and processing of freely, federally, and privately mined mineral raw materials.

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Water Rights Law 1959 (Wasserrechtsgesetz, WRG):

This law regulates the following topics: the use of water, the protection and prevention of pollution of water sources, and protection from water dangers.

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